Mountain landscapes

About the process:

I am inspired by the beauty of northern California, and start most of my paintings "en plein air" or...out in nature. I enjoy capturing the feeling of where I am and try to convey that feeling into each painting. I see "magic" in nature and let the watercolor flow and create that same magic that I see and feel.

Watercolor is my favorite medium to paint "en plein air". It dries quick, but not too quick. I can use water that I collect from the stream or lake I am painting. The supplies are light weight, and I can use my lap as a "desk", no need to pack an easel.

I also take photographs that I paint from and/or use for reference. Sometimes "mixing" things up a bit to make "the perfect picture" using some elements from my photos that may not have been intended for the painting that was started initially. Most detail work happens at my desk, near my computer where I have access to all my photos and MUSIC! Detail work can be the most fun and exciting part of a painting, it's where it all comes together!

If you are interested in an original painting or limited edition prints, please contact me!

Heather GreeneArtist